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PC: Re: PC Handrail colors

While checking some slides in my collection, I found a number of cabin cars that
had white handrails when they were first painted instead of the customary
yellow.  Following are the numbers:

19000 - 19015  (ex - 22000 - 22015)           class N5  (These were re-numbered
without repainting)
22000 - 22015                      class N5
22800 - 22804                      class N5b
23000 - 23013                      class N5c
23200 - 23213, 23250 - 23253       class N8

All of the above were painted at the Altoona car shops between 2/1/68 and the
end of 7/68.  All of the cabins I found that were painted in the ex - NYC shops
during this time had yellow handrails.

6072, the first unit painted by Altoona, and 3044, one of the first units
painted at Collinwood, had yellow handrails so it's a best guess that the
locomotive standard was yellow handrails from the start.

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