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PC: HO Equipment for Sale (cheap)

This announcement has been cleared through the listmaster, so please, no

As some may know, I model steam era NYC in O Scale, but my "skeleton in the
closet" is that before 1975, I modeled Penn Central in HO.  It is now time
for all these unfinished HO projects to go. I am making them available to PC
list members at very attractive prices before posting them on Ebay.

Here's what's available:

Locomotives, Lot 1, Price: $90 plus postage

3 locomotives are Atlas (Austrian production), unpainted, and include: 1
SD35,  2 GP40s, and 1 GP38.

The 2 GP40s and the GP38 have only been run for a few hours.  The SD35 has
more miles, and it's underframe needs to be repainted (there's surface
oxidation).  The GP38 and GP40s have lower headlights, so the buyer will
need to fill these with putty and sand flush for a correct PC model.

2 locomotives are Athearn: 1 powered GP-7 and (no handrails) and 1 U30B
dummy.  The GP-7 is factory painted Great Northern (paint didn't matter
since I was going to strip it anyway) and the U30B is undecorated.

I will also include a "parts engine" Athearn Amtrak SDP40F which is the
victim of cellar flooding.  The wheels are starting to rust, and not all
parts may be present, so I will include it in this lot for free.

Locomotives, Lot 2, Price: $20 plus postage

Hobbytown GP chassis (assembled) under an Athearn GP35 shell (no handrails).
Again, the lower headlight needs to be filled.  The chassis has brass
flywheels and, if you have ever seen a Hobbytown drive, they are old
technology "built like a tank."  The only plastic parts are the univeral
ball and coupling.

Freight Equipment, Price: $30 plus postage

Athearn freight equipment, consisting of:
Catalog #1327 PC 50' plug door box car
Catalog #5155 PC 40' piggyback trucks (set of 2)
Catalog #1622 CNJ 50' Mechanical Reefer
Catalog #5025 NYC/Merchants Despatch 40' Reefer
Catalog #1316 NYC 50' Double Door box car

These are like new, in original box.

Also included an Athearn NYC 86' Hi-Cube box car -- caught in the cellar
flood, so there is some rusting on metal parts (truck screws, axles, coupler
covers) and the box is in poor shape.  Also, one step is broken off, but is
included and can be glued back on.

Finally, I will include in this lot an Athearn PRR crane, but the boom is
missing, so again, it's included for free.

Other items: (contact me off list)
Alco Models PRR BP-20 A-B set, remotored with Hobbytown PA drive (but I will
include all the original drive train parts)
Alco Models E-44 (disassembled, needs handrail repair)
Custom Brass NYC P-2 electric

Finally, I have a Walthers 70' NYC combine currently on Ebay at
http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1695557368 .  I have
no reserve on this item, and the kit includes interior details and Central
Valley 4 wheel passenger trucks.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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