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Re: PC: Re: Stewart U25B

On the Stewart U-25's, being a Professional Model Painter, I prefer to purchase the units undec, then custom paint the units with the correct decals.  I would not purchase the Stewart ALCO 628's and 630's with the P/C prints.  I did mine with Micro Scale Sheets which did not even come close to the washy white prints that the Stewarts were selling, plus I added some light weathering which makes the units look realistic.  Anyone need any custom painting on any P/C units, feel free to contact me.  I also had decals custom made for the P/C cab trailers for sale and now producing 60 Foot Box Car large P/C decals and 86Foot Red/White large P/C's along with Penn Central decals in the black which can be used for MOW and Gray Cvd Hoppers.
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