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Re: PC: Re: Stewart U25B

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Subject: Re: PC: Re: Stewart U25B

> Their new paint jobs aren't as correct as the originals were, if you look
> closely at the pictures.  The Penn Central lettering is way too large, the
> PRR unit has keystone logos that are way too big, the NYC unit has
> that is too small, and the numbers are not the correct style.  In
> they didn't correct the marker lights wwhich should be mounted on the
> corners of the noses instead of dead forward facing.  More for your money?
> Or a slight rehash at a much higher price?
> Jim Kosty
 I find most Stewart factory paint to be quite less than up to anyone's
minimal standard. One exception was the PRR decorated C630. I too thought
the logo and the lettering down the long hood of the U25B was way huge,
although some of that is distortion from the lens and angle, but even at
that it still appears way to big. Quite a few of those "preproduction"
models are custom jobs. The L&N C628 was absolutely beautiful at shows where
Stewart displayed the unit, but come production time, it was a major botch
job. Not even close to the custom model or even MS decals.

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