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Re: PC: Re: Stewart U25B

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 02:06:54PM +0000, Jim Kosty wrote:

> Their new paint jobs aren't as correct as the originals were, if you look 
> closely at the pictures.  The Penn Central lettering is way too large, the 
> PRR unit has keystone logos that are way too big, the NYC unit has lettering 
> that is too small, and the numbers are not the correct style.  In addition, 
> they didn't correct the marker lights wwhich should be mounted on the 
> corners of the noses instead of dead forward facing.  More for your money?  
> Or a slight rehash at a much higher price?

The other issue that I had with the new U25B's, IIRC, is that the PRR, NYC, 
and PC versions all have the same road number! If you wanted to model an early
PC lashup of two or three of them, you would have to renumber two of the three.
The folks at Stewart, while they usually give us great products, must have
been a little lazy on these. How hard would it have been to produce a
different number for each roadname?


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