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PC: PC hopper 32867

While catching up on back digests of the PRR-Talk mailing list, I found 
this little tidbit from Jerry Britton, who read about this in the Friends 
of the Railroad Museum (Strasburg) newsletter:

"In 1997, Eric Levin arranged for Conrail to donate an H34a covered hopper
-- PC #32867 -- to the museum. During transport a coupler broke and Conrail
left the car in an unused siding in Dillerville, where it has sat since.
When NS took over, they wanted the car cleared out and delivered it
recently, for free."

Those of you who attended the 2000 PCRRHS convention may remember this car 
that we stopped to photograph. If you weren't there, here is a picture:


And best of all, this car will be preserved at the Museum. Bet they'll end 
up restoring it to PRR colors, but that's not such a terrible thing either...


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