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Re: PC: EX NH SW-1200

I have been going through some of my books.  All the shots of the rear of
the units show a box, about 1' square mounted on top of the battery box to
the left of the door as you face the unit.  I have not yet checked #'s.  Nor
have I checked on radios.  It may take me couple of more days.

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>   Thanks Jim I have been working on this project for over 2 years now and
> have a
> bunch of pictures of the units with and without the T/C equipment. The New
> Haven added the equipment. I have been told up to 10 units had the T/C and
> had radios of which 1 unit had both. I do have 3 pictures (bad quality)
> small, the
> wrong angle, and (at speed) slight blur of the unit in the picture. I have
> not given
> up yet. I have checked the numbers of the units with the ex CR-PC to NH
> the 2 of the 3 out here had the equipment. From the patches and weld marks
> the deck and battery box to the patches on the cab both front and rear.
>    It seams like everybody took the pictures of a 3/4 view engineers side
> looking
> front and back to the cab. to show the generator but not the rear.
>                Jim Evans

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