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Re: PC: EX NH SW-1200

  Thanks Jim I have been working on this project for over 2 years now and 
have a 
bunch of pictures of the units with and without the T/C equipment. The New
Haven added the equipment. I have been told up to 10 units had the T/C and 3
had radios of which 1 unit had both. I do have 3 pictures (bad quality) 
small, the
wrong angle, and (at speed) slight blur of the unit in the picture. I have 
not given
up yet. I have checked the numbers of the units with the ex CR-PC to NH and
the 2 of the 3 out here had the equipment. From the patches and weld marks on 
the deck and battery box to the patches on the cab both front and rear. 
   It seams like everybody took the pictures of a 3/4 view engineers side 
front and back to the cab. to show the generator but not the rear.
               Jim Evans

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