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Re: PC: PC web site updates

Jerry, one small suggestion that would make your 
excellent photo section just about perfect. Could you 
consider noting the date that the picture was POSTED 
in the description? It would help to separate the new 
stuff from the old.

Peter King

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From: Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
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Subject: PC: PC web site updates

>Hi all,
>Today I completed the second large update of my PC 
web site in the past 
>three days. Lots of new material has been posted. 
Today, I focused mostly 
>on uploading locomotive roster photos--so many, in 
fact, that I split the 
>EMD Diesel Locomotives page into three pages of 
photos. The third page is 
>all switchers, and is where a majority of the new 
photos were posted.
>In addition, the Sightings page has been updated too. 
Check it out and enjoy!

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