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Re: PC: PC web site updates

  Thanks I saw a couple of EX New Haven SW-.1200s in the last page I have 
been trying to model these units with the train control equipment but cant 
find any pictures of a unit with the T/C box. I have been told that it is or 
was on top of the battery box on the left side of the back door. The first 
picture shows the signal
 generator but noT/C box. Also 3 of the units had a radio which was a big box 
on top of the hood by the cab about the size of a T/C box. We have 3 of them 
out in Ca.
working a small short line down at the harbor and 2 of the 3 had T/C 
   I have seen two small pictures that show the box but way to far off for 
detail work.  
  Thanks again and keep up the work.
                        Jim Evans

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