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PC: [Fwd: (erielack) Upcoming EL book project]

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I'm helping out Dave Oroszi in an upcoming EL book project that he's been 
working on, and is now looking for slides to include.  Dave has worked on 
several past book projects, including several books on the B&O.

The book will cover primarily the Mahoning and Marion Divisions, along with 
the Cleveland, New Castle, Lisbon & Dayton branches, up to April 1, 1976. 

He's looking for something other than basic 3/4 roster shots  - We're looking 
for well-composed, properly focused shots that could be utilized to tell a 
story about the  communities and/or industries along the line, or the area in 
general  - So if you've got shots from the Erie or EL era, with towers, 
stations, scenery, industry, signals, etc. that you'd like to share, we'd 
like to hear from you - People shots (ie MOW workers, trackmen, machinery, 
etc) might also be considered. 

Contact me off-line if you have any questions - otherwise, I can put you in 
touch w/Dave. 

Thanks / Rich Behrendt
              ELHS #384
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