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PC: Fwd: from Gene Fusco

Hi all,

This message from Gene Fusco got caught in the list server's "idiot filter" 
by mistake (no reflection on Gene!), so I'm forwarding it along.

And let me be the first to pass along my congratulations(?)...


-------- Original Message --------

Hi Gang,

Well, some of you may have heard that LSI Logic (the company I worked
for as of this morning) booted 20% of their employees today.   Ouch.

As a result of this reduction in force, I was tossed out on the street as
Lucky me!  I've seen ugly in my 15 years in the semiconductor biz, but this
was the worst.  My whole group got canned.

Anyway, this letter is just to inform anyone out there that my work address
is toast.  Please DO NOT use gene.fusco -AT- lsil.com any longer.  It will bounce.
Or at the worst anyone left with the task of reading my e-mail will be
about the content.

Please use this account from now on: nh370 -AT- aol.com


Gene (will work for trains) Fusco

P.S. Congratulations are in order, not consolation.  I was really only
"marking time" there until I could get a better offer elsewhere. The axeman
just got to me before the economy could pick up.  I'm kinda glad I'm 
history there since this will force me to get off my butt now. :^).

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