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Re: PC: Re: Handrail colors

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 02:09:54PM -0500, Mark Branibar wrote:

> I believe that Penn Central's standard practice was yellow handrails.  All of
> the color slides I have of PC locomotive equipment taken during PC's official
> existence show yellow handrails.  It was only after April 1, 1976, during the
> Conrail era, that white handrails started to show up on units still in former PC
> paint.

I haev a slide I picked up a couple weeks ago of a PC GP38-2 with white
handrails. I was planning to scan it for the web site. I'll check the date
of it tonight, and if it's pre-4/1/76, I'll try to scan it real quick and
post it.


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