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Re: PC: PRR maps and LIRR Double Deck MU Cars?

You may have been looking for the 1941 PRR accounting maps I had posted to 
visto some time ago.  I haven't updated them since then, and I believe that 
post has gone the way of the dodo.  I have them scanned at home, they are 
enormous files to get the detail.  I started sending them to Jerry Britton 
(Keystone Crossings website) but I don't know if he has them posted yet.
E-mail me off-list to discuss what to do from here.
Lee Weldon
> Hello list:
> After 2 different hard drive crashes, I lost some former list imformation:
> Mainly the URL and password on member gave for his copies of the PRR
> system/regional maps. Can someone re-list that information for me or contact
> me offline with it.
> Second, Anyone have or know of line/elevation drawings of the PRR-built LIRR
> double-deck MU cars. Any help will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Kurt Thompson

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