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RE: PC: Penn Central Art

Nick & list,
Sorry, not trying to practice subterfuge here! I didn't think anyone else would be interested- that's all. But since you asked...
I have several lithographs of pen & ink drawings available that were done in the 1970s. They are really incredible. Here are descriptions of the 3 I have for sale. I can email pictures of 2 of the 3 (off list, so we don't clog up Jerry's server) if there is any interest:

These are lithographs printed in 1979 by a company in New York called Litho Prepsters. The lithos are of pen and ink drawings done in the early-mid 1970's by a man named Malcolm "Flash" Gordon. They all measure 23 X 29 inches when unrolled. All are printed on nice cream-colored, textured paper. These OUTSTANDING pieces of art are made for framing! The detail in them must be seen to be believed. Malcolm obviously went trackside and recreated these scenes from the PC era either first hand or from a photograph. He has EVERY IMAGINABLE DETAIL in them, right down to messenger clips on the caternary, extra spikes, tie plates and litter on the ground, etc. He really captured the Penn Central days in a way other than photographs. I was told recently that these lithos were for sale in Penn Station at some time in the past. Anyway, 'nuff said. They are beautiful & would be a great conversation piece in any RR room, especially since so little artwork exists for the brief PC era! Here are the 3 I have available:

 A. PC wreck train and B-1 locomotive at Sunnyside Yard, New York City. The left side of the picture shows PC B-1 switcher #4751. The right side has a PC wreck crane, with a crane tender flat car & gondola car attached. In the middle of the picture is assorted "railroad stuff"- a crane bucket, several ties and rail, some oil drums, misc. other things, all with "Q" tower (complete with the PRR sign still on it) in the background. Spaghetti caternary is overhead. This one is from 1973. $20

B. (picture available on request) GG1 #4886 pulling a passenger train is the next litho. This one was done in 1972. The engine takes up about 90 percent of the picture in this great 3/4 view, with the first passenger car just visible on the left side of the scene. Again, incredible detail here, right down to the TIMKEN name on the roller bearing of the first axle, the chains holding the MU hoses in place, and the coupler lift bar. Other details include a barrel of track spikes, a portable air compressor, a PRR position light signal, and other assorted RR items in the foreground. $20

C. (picture available on request) PC 2 stall enginehouse with GG1 #4886 in the background. This one has part of a passenger car coming into the foreground on the right hand side, GG1 4886 & the 2 stall shop/enginehouse as the main subject in the middle. In the foreground is an incredible assortment of RR "junk": a PRR dwarf signal, part of a control stand from a locomotive, a "tall globe" lantern (I wonder if THAT'S still sitting there  on the prototype!), even a rat, yes a RAT, with the PC logo drawn on it's fur (I guess Malcolm wasn't a huge PC fan). Probably from Sunnyside yard again, as this seemed to be his big hangout. This one was done in 1975. $20

D. All 3 Lithos for $52!

Hope someone can use these. I have copies of all of them in my collection & they really look great!

Gary Farmer


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>>> Pete,
Contact me off list as well.  Thanks.
Lee Weldon  <<<

Hey !  There are others out here who may be interested as well !


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