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Re: PC: Secret Penn Central Art Club

Well, I tried to keep crass commercialism from invading our otherwise academic 
list, but when pressed...

I do pen and ink illustrations as a side hustle, mostly commission work of 
people's homes and various commercial properties.

I have done several railroad subjects, stations and such, but no PC up to this 
point.  If the group is interested, I could work up a proposal to do a series 
of PC images either as prints for sale, or perhaps a calendar for 2003.

I am a member of the Western Maryland Historical Society, and they have 
produced pictorial calendars for years, with great success as a membership 
incentive and a fund raiser.  While in years past, the subjects have been 
photos from various collections, this year's is a series of paintings of WM 
subjects.  It's fantastic.

A black and white calendar of high quality line drawings would be relatively 
inexpensive to produce, and planning for a project right now would give us 
plenty of time to develop it before the fall, when it would have to be ready.

I would be willing to provide the 12 illustrations for the calendar at no cost, 
(I usually charge $250 for an 11x14 drawing) provided I retain the copyrights 
for future sales of framable prints.  The PCRRHS would bear the cost of 
producing the calendar, and I would bear the cost of producing prints.

Since I am coming at this from an historical perspective, it will be necessary 
to work from existing photos of PC subjects.  To the best of my knowledge, 
using photographic references as the basis for original artwork is not an 
infringement of copyright law.  As such, favorite pictures in your collection 
can be used to produce the drawings.  Frequently I will combine elements from 
several photos to develop an original composition.  Wherever necessary, proper 
credit for the subject matter would be provided.

For the record, I have not yet joined the PCRRHS, nor am I an officer or Board 

For those of you with decision making authority, or anyone interested in 
commissioning an individual piece, e-mail me, and I will send you scans of some 
portfolio pieces for your consideration.

I hope I have not crossed the threshold of Jerry's topic limitations.  Any 
further discussion should be off-list so as not to clutter up the bandwidth.  
My personal e-mail is weldon -AT- fastol.com .

Thanks for your time...
Lee Weldon
WildCard Graphics
116 Mill Street
Cambridge, MD 21613

> Come on, tell us all.  Inquiring minds want to know.
>  JW

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