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Re: PC: MS Train Sim!

I got the MS Train Simulator, and spent the last 2 hours trying to wrestle it 
into my system.  I think I have too many other gizmos on my hard drive, thanks 
to my teenagers.
I am able to load it uneventfully, and the proper icons appear in the proper 
place, but when I click the Train Sim icon, the screen goes black, and a "Sorry 
about the inconvenience, but we're shuttin' ya down, Jack" message comes up.  
It offers to send a detailed message to the tech guy in Seattle who sits in a 
room with no windows or doors, but by then, the drive gets lock jaw, I get 
irritated, and my wife gets concerned about the level of indecency my 
vocabulary obtains.
I tried loading it three times, and each time got the same results.
After reading the exchanges here I was really looking forward to fiddling with 
these electrons.  Frankly, after wading through the 300-page book and then not 
being able to even run the damn thing, I will shortly be returning the program 
to the dealer from whence it came, and taking the $45 to the nearest hobby shop 
and purchasing whatever 3-dimensional plastic railroad models that strike my 
Model railroading is frustrating enough.  I don't need to waste any more of my 
time in front of the monitor than I already do.  Thanks, Bill Gates, but no 

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