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Re: PC: RE: MS Train Sim!

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Gary Farmer wrote:

> Chris,
> I got Train Sim for Christmas.
> Where did you get F7s? I guess you downloaded them. I didn't know you could
> import other engines into TS.  Do the PC engines come with failing
> Turbochargers and water pumps, just to increase the realism & challenge? ;-)
> Seriously, where can I find the engines online?
> Gary Farmer

My PC F7's came with a tendency to derail at one certain spot on the NEC.

At MP 55.3 no matter which track it was on, the lead units would derail,
sometimes taking the whole train with them, at any speed.

I had to replace the engine physics file with one from a GP9 which I reworked
and that fixed the problem. Held my activity development up for over a week
and drove me crazy.

Yeah F7's on the NEC, it's snowing and my train's G inhaled an overdose :)

I picked up a lot of my equipment from http://www.train-sim.com/ and repainted
a lot stuff into PC.

Even made PC piggyback trailers out of an IC set!


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