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Re: PC: MS Train Sim!

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Chris Osterhus wrote:

> This isn't really a PC item per se... but it's still fun! Does anyone else 
> have MS Train Sim? I just found a set of PC F7s on the web!
> --Chris

Heheh, I have MSTS and the PC F7's, in two different numbers :)

I also have PC SD45's, 3 different number PC GP9's, PC GG1, PC P70's, PC SL   
passenger train, PC coal hoppers in 3 numbers, PC bay window caboose and lots
more PC stuff to come as I do a lot of reskinning.

My NEC also has position light signals with three yellow lights, not B&O 

There's a PC NEC clocker activity available on the web. It inspired me to do  
my own PC passenger activity, but it requires all my custom equipment which   
adds up to about 50 megs of stuff so it's not worth packaging it all up and   
distributing it just so rivet counters can email me and gripe about colors or 
hown sounds.

In the paint shop: PC U25B's, U28 & U30B's, U33 & U36B's, GP30, GP35, GP40,   
SD40, E8's, more GG1's, MP54's, PC metroliners, N5's and N8's, more rolling
stock and more NEC stations. It's 1970 on my computer and I'm building a new
one specifically optimized for MSTS performance!

Once things slow down and I have made more progress I'll have more about it on
my PC site with screengrabs.


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