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Re: PC: PC over Ann Arbor RR (was: Massive PC site update!)

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 09:55:12AM -0500, Thatcher, Bob wrote:
> Thanks for the work.  Great bunch of material!

Thanks! Glad you liked it. There's more to come...

> The photo of a Northern Region coal empty passing through Durand MI on the
> Ann Arbor RR was interesting, but I was wondering if anybody knew why PC
> would route trains from the Bay City/Saginaw area to Toledo this way.  They
> could have used two all-PC routes:
>   - Continue south on the Saginaw branch to Jackson, east on the main line
> to Detroit, then south to Toledo.
>   - From Bay City to Saginaw, east to Denmark Junction, south through Vassar
> and Lapeer to Detroit, then south to Toledo.
> How long did this routing (over Ann Arbor) last?

I do not know for sure, as I was going off of what was written on the back
of the original print. However, I need to ask the photographer about a couple
of other pictures that I'm scanning, so I'll see if he knows anything. Or, if
anyone on the list knows about these coal trains, please speak up!
> So, what we're seeing in that photo was actually PC
> trackage rights over Ann Arbor on top of AA trackage rights over GTW.

Thanks. I'll clarify the picture caption with that information.


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