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RE: PC: RE: Another great PC POST!

WOW! You're one of the lucky few who's actually seen Clarence (besides me, & I'm a little nuts). Also, Jim Hebner thinks he has a few pictures of him on the caboose platform. He is usually hard to spot since he often sleeps during the day & gets called out after dark... also, all those hours spent in the hack waiting for a yard track! As Chuck French once told me, the RR isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle!! ;-)
Looking forward to Sept!
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Since I'm hosting the convention this year tell Clarence I'll pay for his convention fee since he's contributed to the POST. The last time we talked he was going into the Penn Alto Hotel in Altoona. It was around 1987. He smelled like diesel fuel from the caboose stove. He wasn't real happy that day as they held him out at CP Antis for 3 hours before making his set off.
PS I'm sure he'll enjoy all the slide shows, model clinics and the RR tours for the 2002 convention in Sept.

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