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PC: Massive PC site update!

Hi all,

I have finished uploading a massive new update to the Penn Central Railroad 
Home Page. This update, probably my largest in a long time, includes 55 new 
PC pictures, including action photos from all over the system, and a number 
of new caboose and work equipment roster shots. Go to the site at 
http://pc.smellycat.com/ and enjoy!

Now you may be wondering...what brought me to do all this? A combination of 
two things: I bought a new scanner Monday night on the way home from work, 
and I was having so much fun playing with it that I never made it out of 
the house. I have a lot of material that I needed to have scanned, 
including some prints that I was given almost two years ago, so I just dove 
in and started working away. Eight hours later, with just a pause to watch 
the ball drop in Times Square, I finally went to bed.

I also had some excellent pictures by Dick Ross of the Cleveland area that 
I pulled off of CD and added to the site. So there should be something for 
everyone in this update, and if not, don't worry--there's more material 
coming. I just need more time to work on it.

Some people have asked if they can send me material to be scanned for the 
PC web site. In the past I've had to decline because I didn't have a 
scanner. Now that I do, I will be accepting submissions via snail mail if 
you'd like me to scan them for the site and return the material to you. 
However, if you're interested, please give me a few weeks before sending me 
material, so I can get caught up with my current backlog.

And for all of you who may snicker at the fact that I spent New Year's Eve 
at home this year, all I have to say is that at least *I* didn't wake up 
hung over this morning... :-)


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