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Re: PC: [GVT List] GVT Rail....Press Release (fwd)

> Perhaps I am wrong, but didn't the company in its later years drop 
> American Locomotive Company and change the corporate name to (all caps)
> ALCO? 

They changed to the all caps ALCO very late. I think it was around the
time Century production started. Before, they used Alco with capital A,
lower case everything else.

This topic was beat to death on another list. (The thread was ended by
the moderator after one member became abusive because he refused to
accept that ALCo was just a railfan creation.) After researching
publications, Alco advertisements, operator manuals, &c. as far as anyone
could tell, the company never used upper case everything except for lower
case o ALCo.

It is possible that in the very old days the company's name was
abbreviated as A. L. Co. which led to the use of Alco as one word, but I
don't have much info on Alco in the nineteenth century.

If one wanted to be an absolute stickler, ALCO is the proper usage for
the Penn Central era. One the other hand, some of the PC's locomotives
were produced when it was still Alco.

Bryan Turner

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