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PC: Ex-PC C636 returning east

Greetings, fellow listers,

A few weeks (months?) ago we were discussing here the former PC/CR Alco C636
that was in service at the Delta Bulk Terminal in Stockton, CA.

Last night I received an e-mail stating that the C636 has been acquired by
Genesee Valley Transportation, the fine folks who operate the
Delaware-Lackawanna, Falls Road, Mohawk Adirondack & Northern, and a couple
of other Alco-powered shortlines. The locomotive will be moving to the D-L
shop in Scranton, PA, for some work and to be readied for service.

And, I already have an indirect request in to GVT management asking if they'll
consider repainting it in its original PC colors. (After all, they do have a
couple RS3s in their original D&H paint, and a Lehigh Valley-like C420, and
since the GVT folks are kind of railfans too, you never know...)

May you all have a Merry Christmas!


Jerry W. Jordak
jer -AT- smellycat.com

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