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Re: PC: It's in how you look at it...

>>> anthrax7 -AT- excite.com 12/20/01 04:03PM >>> wrote:
 Now that Enron's collapse has gone down in history as the largest business
failure in America, we Penn Central fans can now stand up and say those
words we though we never would...

We're Number 2! We're Number 2!

Happily, PC fans can breath an even deeper sigh of relief because PC isn't even in the top 15.  Heavyweights like Texaco at $35 billion and Pacific Gas and Electric at $25.5 billion make PC's $7 billion look positively puny.  Although it only goes back to 1980, see http://www.bankruptcydata.com/Research/15_Largest.htm for a list of the top 15 bankruptcies, all bigger than PC.  

For laughs, if you take 1970 dollars (assuming a $7 billion dollar value to PC) and convert them into 2000 dollars at the "Inflation Calculator" at http://www.westegg.com/inflation/ you come up with a year 2000 value of Penn Central at $31.8 billion which moves it up the list considerably, but still not to #1, luckily.  

Bob Holzweiss

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