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PC: Re: Penn Central Digest V1 #103


Just wanted to thank you for a very pleasant site; imagine, if you will, 1971 (me being in high school) driving down to Wilmington (DE) Shops to visit my Uncle (who serviced GG1's) I would walk around the area for hours, not really knowing what I was studying, but totally enthralled; Baldwins,RS1's,T motors... all being robbed of parts (and dignity).
I managed to get a few shots with my Argus C3, not really experienced with a "real" camera. A few years ago, my uncle passed away (after a long battle with cancer; he would tell me that the guys in the shop would wash their greasy hands in PCB) At the viewing I worked with a local florist to produce a PRR 'keystone in a circle' floral arrangement, in which I had reservations about presenting ( he hated management) at the service, but to my amazement, alot of employees were suprised and proud that it was at the service.
I spent 11 years with the railroad myself, and as I grow older, I feel myself wanting to model those days for which I had such fond memories.
Thanks, Greg Di Sabatino

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