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Re: PC: Sandusky line

On Sat, 1 Dec 2001, Bill K. wrote:

> That will sure make photography a challenge! (not to mention get some funny
> looks if the Police should check you out) ....
> Bill K.

I have shot some time exposures of 48 coming into Sandusky in the wee hours.
You can get the CP 242 in it just after 48 lights it up. Long lens and shallow
angle so the train doesn't move much.

Tam and I did get rousted by the locals at CP 242 at about 3AM one morning.
The second car which arrived (quite night I guess) just happened to be a
railfan member of the SPD who works graveyard Friday through Sundays. The
woman in the first car to arrive was very amused that we were watching trains
there in the middle of the night. Mike said it was no problem that we were
there and that NS very seldom complains about railfans in that area.


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