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Re: PC: PC Sleeper musings

Testor's also makes a light green color (in their acrylics line) that is 
almost *dead-on* for Jade Green! Perhaps adding a little white would help?

--Chris Osterhus

>I have been working at a PC sleeper from the 43xx class.
>In trying to find a fine PC passenger paint, I have come across Testor's
>military colors. The "Modelmaster" series to be exact. There is one
>color there, "Licht Graun" #RLM 83, that matches pretty darn good. It is
>a Nazi Luftwaffe color. Adding more fascinating intrigue into our PC.
>Now, due to paint, light and film fluctuations, Licht Graun matches like 3 
>cars in the PC color guide, but not all.

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