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PC: PC collectables

While in Altoona, I browsed a local antiques joint.
PC items were here and there.

I saw the PRR paintbrushes. Gary Farmer has the PC ones, so we know that
was a "Red Team" matter.
There was a 2 inch brush and one of those little "shaving cream" brushes
w/ PRR label. It also said "AAR Standard" 
Each brush went for $26 ea.

The PC had wood coat hangers. "Sleeping car service" It went for $18. 

I think a dealer made a mistake on one item. A blue tea kettle w/ a PC
on it. He said it was a RR item, I think it may have been the airline. 

Speaking of diner cars, I read in the Philly paper 2 months ago that the
chief executive of the PC passenger operations passed away. I forget his
name, shame, he could have answered a lot of questions.


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