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PC: Re: PC Form D?

As an avid collector of railroad paperwork, I feel that I can shed some light on this subject.  Yes, a Form D is NORAC's version of a track warrant that is used by all the railroads currently using NORAC rules of operation.  No, PC never used any Form D's, since they were created after the Conrail merger.  PC did use Form 19's and Form A's for operating trains, along with the official clearance card Form K.  PC did use the old PRR clearance card Form C and the NYC Form B after the merger until the stocks of those forms were gone.  And to answer another question, yes the NS still uses the old Form D in its original format on all ex CR lines that it operates, although the number starts with a
"T" instead of a "C" now.  An aside note, CSX also uses the Form D on all of its ex CR lines that they operate and their numbers start with an "X".

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