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Re: PC: Why...???

I'm confused.  It appears to be an answer to Matt's question, posted so all
can see (which I appreciate.)  If replies are sent as personal e-mail, then
I can't benefit from the responders knowledge.  If the question/answer in
no way relates to things PC, then off-list responses are a good idea.

Robin L. Harris

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IF...this is a personal message to Matt...why am I getting a copy...???

Alfred E. Neuman

PKMac101 -AT- aol.com wrote: Matt. The present form D is a combination, using
the NORAC rules, of what was a Form M for track car movements only and the
Form 19 for train movement under PC. There seemed to be another form or two
that were issued along with the 19 order.A Clearance card and I think a
Form A. These may be one in the same as I can not get to my old 19 ordes to
check right now. The change occured in the early years of Conrail with the
start of a Form CT 401 which evolved into todays Form D.
 I am sure there will be more information explained in detail to follow
from others who used them. This is before I got qualified to get railroad
so I never used them.

Pat McKinney

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