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PC: Possible N-7 caboose

Fellow PC'ers,

    Gary Wright would like to do a resin N-7 caboose. I have some of his Southern radio control cars , and they are nice! He needs more advance
orders before he can do a batch. His post is as follows:

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in the NYC N7 bay window caboose.  Even if I did not write back to
confirm the number
of cabooses you wanted, rest assured that I have kept all requests
for future references.
As you all know, when I first posted this announcement to the list that
I needed 200 pre orders for me to put this model on the market.
So far I have only 66 orders which falls far short of what I need.
So please do what you can to get the word out about this project.
I am not taking reservation deposits at this time.  I will only ask for
them when the time has come for the master patterns to be made.
I must make a decision about this in the next 10 days.  If I cannot
be guaranteed 200 models then I must abandon this project and
move on to something else.
So if you have friends that model the NYC, PC, Conrail, P&LE,
CE&I, IT, NW (to name but a few) and would like to have one or
more of these HO, one piece resin body cabooses (which will include trucks) the prices are as follows:
1 caboose  $45.00
Quantity discounts:
3 pack  $127.50
6 pack  $ 245.00
10 pack  $380.00
12 pack  $460.00
Any quantity over 12 - 20% discount
All orders up to 6 kits $5.00 shipping.  All orders over 6 kits 10.00
I will be asking that only if you intend to commit to buy these kits when
they are released should you contact me.  While I am not asking for
the standard 50% reservation deposit at this time, I will be posting to
the list when the time has come for you to send the money.  I will only
do this when I know that I have sufficient orders to have the patterns
Again, I need another 134 orders placed by those who will definitely
be able to send 50% of the quantity price they have ordered when the
time comes (hopefully within the next 45 days - with delivery to follow
within the next 30 days afterward).
Dealers inquiries are welcomed.
Thanks again for the support!
Gary Wright
Write Track Model Trains and Custom Painting
886 Rocky Branch Road
Clarkesville, GA  30523
wrights -AT- hemc.net

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