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Re: PC: pc gons

<<<Somewhere I have an old E&B Valley (now sold by Eastern Car Works)
65' mill gon that was done in factory PC paint and looked pretty

I have a few. I tend to recall the cars only working for the G26, 26a
classes, but I forget now.
We are talking about HO, correct?
I don't remember Walther's releasing a 65' drop-end mill gon, but I may
be hamster-brained.

<<<   Have seen RL cars mainly in MOW service with ex-RDG numbers..
one had the yellow number panel treatment CR did over the original RDG
paint, even.. but I don't remember any ex-PC cars.>>>

A pic of a G37 (ex PRR) CR #66313? is on CR Cyclopedia under MW Gons. I
took it in the early 90's in PRR paint.

CR 66209 was a yellow end ex PC green car. G37 ex PC 597671 blt. 12-57

CR 66572 is another ex PRR yellow end G37.
I think that may still be sitting in Bethlehem.

CR 54784 is a green 50' no yellow end ex PC G36k ex PC 553632, last seen
Northumberland yd. winter 2000.


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