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PC: Re: the Facts of Life

Bold statements require Bold Type!!!
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Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 12:12 AM
Subject: PC: the Facts of Life

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  I hope I'm not the only one...but is there any chance for plain text submissions...these enhanced (?) texts are becoming more difficult to read.
Marv Crim
Central Indiana

EMDSD80MAC@aol.com wrote:

The profits that Conrail turned back to the stockholders were phenominal. 485
million for the year by 1988 If U bought 10 shares at initial offering
(13.20), You paid 132.00 when it split 2 for 1 @ 99.00 per share... your
stock was worth 1980.00. when the stock was recalled in 1998 Conrail paid
115.00 per share...your stock was worth 2,300.00 or about a 200 percent gain!
My friend at work who worked for Conrail sold his stock (from profit sharing
and built a house!) ED

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