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Re: PC: 1000 series MU's

Rob Carlo wrote:

>      There has been discussion now and then over the years about the PC
> 1000 series commuter cars on this list.

As a reference to the MU cars used in the New York City area, let me point
out a couple of links on my PC site which may be helpful for those who are
new to the topic:

Essay on New York City area MU cars

Electric MU car photo gallery:

> BTW...was at Croton-North (NY) this past week.    Several FL-9's awaiting
> their fate in the storage yard.
> Also a coach with "New York Central" clearly visible on the letter board and
> PC numbers on the end doors.    (Wish I had a Winning Powerball ticket!!)

To buy one of the FL9s *and* the coach, right? :-)

Jerome wrote:

 > MN did convert Car 1077 to a MOW
 > car and cut in a baggage type door on the side. About ten years also it
 > was always by the Harmon Shop. It is not known if the car still survives.

I have a photo of that car in my "to do" files, taken in October 1997. If I
get a chance later this week I'll try to post it and a Roger Williams car
photo in my "to do" files. (What I really need is to spend a weekend
catching up on updating the site...unfortunately, I have a magazine article
to write first before I can do that... But I'll try to get those posted by
the end of the week.)


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