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PC: Re: 1000 series MU's

There is a difference. The 1000's were built in 1950 by St Louis Car Company
as NYC 4500-4599 and had large picture windows like New Haven postwar
American Flyer passenger cars and large single headlight where as the 1962
P-S built 4600, 4700 series were financed by Port Authority of NY/NJ and
similar to LIRR MP75 MU's which had smaller windows, twin Pyle headlight,
one engineer window than two. 4500 (1000) series cars did ride much better
than the P-S cars. Car 1037 was the last car in service on MN as a private
car for subscrition riders until MN did not renew their lease and scapped
the car which replaced Ex-PUT COACH 99.  MN did convert Car 1077 to a MOW
car and cut in a baggage type door on the side. About ten years also it was
always by the Harmon Shop. It is not known if the car still survives.

> Hello all!
>     MTS imports has announced a run of NYC 4500 series MU cars available
> next year in brass.   These became PC 1000 series and are very simular to
> the former PC 1100 series cars still in service on Metro North.   As the
> 1100 cars would have a broader appeal (Metro-North fans) I don't
> the choice of the 1000 choice of model ( my 2 cents).
>      I contacted MTS about PC versions but they could not confirm any
> schemes as of yet,  however suggested any interested should contact them.
>      There has been discussion now and then over the years about the PC
> series commuter cars on this list.     As I'm sure they will not be cheap,
> MTS suggested I start saving now.
>      Also of note are the (ancient) NYC 4300 series MU's which did get PC
> paint and saw rush hour service in the early 70's and the former NH Rogers
> Williams RDC's which also ran in the PC years and will be imported by
> MTS......wish I bought a Powerball ticket!
>     Contact MTS at www.mtsimports.com to express any interest.   This is a
> long neglected area of the model railroading world and will be of great
> interest to PC, NYC, and NH passenger fans.
> BTW...was at Croton-North (NY) this past week.    Several FL-9's awaiting
> their fate in the storage yard.
> Also a coach with "New York Central" clearly visible on the letter board
> PC numbers on the end doors.    (Wish I had a Winning Powerball ticket!!)
> Rob

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