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PC: 1000 series MU's

Hello all!
    MTS imports has announced a run of NYC 4500 series MU cars available
next year in brass.   These became PC 1000 series and are very simular to
the former PC 1100 series cars still in service on Metro North.   As the
1100 cars would have a broader appeal (Metro-North fans) I don't understand
the choice of the 1000 choice of model ( my 2 cents).
     I contacted MTS about PC versions but they could not confirm any paint
schemes as of yet,  however suggested any interested should contact them.
     There has been discussion now and then over the years about the PC 1000
series commuter cars on this list.     As I'm sure they will not be cheap,
MTS suggested I start saving now.
     Also of note are the (ancient) NYC 4300 series MU's which did get PC
paint and saw rush hour service in the early 70's and the former NH Rogers
Williams RDC's which also ran in the PC years and will be imported by
MTS......wish I bought a Powerball ticket!
    Contact MTS at www.mtsimports.com to express any interest.   This is a
long neglected area of the model railroading world and will be of great
interest to PC, NYC, and NH passenger fans.

BTW...was at Croton-North (NY) this past week.    Several FL-9's awaiting
their fate in the storage yard.
Also a coach with "New York Central" clearly visible on the letter board and
PC numbers on the end doors.    (Wish I had a Winning Powerball ticket!!)


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