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PC: Re: E33 from Bachmann

> For those wanting to model an E33 in Penn Central - here's your chance:
Walther's online catalogue is reporting that Bachmann Spectrum will be
producing an E-33, which will be available in Virginian, N&W, NH, PC and
Conrail.  Fall delivery - $130.

Thanks for that gen Terry, probably the last place I would have expected an
E33 from, still it's good news nevertheless, and saves me a scratchbuild -
good job I started on the E44 first :)

I hope it's as good as their recent Shays which seem to be highly popular in
the mags and better than their earlier Spectrum releases which don't really
cut the mustard any longer - especially considering the quality of the
models from P2K and Atlas these past couple of years.

Best regards,


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