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Re: PC: E33 from Bachmann

Lionel and Athearn collaborated on an adaptation of their O "Rectifier" that was designed (or maybe condensed) to fit the Athearn GP9 frame.   There were Lionel versions (rare) and Athearn versions (mega-rare).  After Lionel began to prodice it's own HO trains, the body die was used with their own running gear.  They offered it in Virginian, New Haven (black and white with orange cab) and Pennsy (tuscan red with one gold stripe).  It's kind of a neat "what-if" GE had made a 4-axle electric at that time.  According to their catalogs it is based on the E33 - having seen them they don't look bad, especially for the period, except for the fact that there was no such thing.
Bill K. 
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Now I'll have four variations on the theme...

Lionel did one of these years ago...not very good...a 4 axle?
Alco models: good brass for the time
Overland models: most likely the definitive replica of this loco.
Runs like a dream too...

Now Bachmann.

What I really want is for Bachmann to come out with a PRR
style catenary SYSTEM.  We have stuff to put under it now!
We've had GG1 locos for years, now we have Atlas AEM7 &
ALP44 locos, the Acela and soon the E33. Heck, if you go
back Bachmann even had the Metroliners. (Are those still in


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