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Re: PC: E33 from Bachmann

There were 12 E33C's built as VGN 130-141 and later as NW 230-241 of which NW converted one to a diesel slug #180 that became a parts unit at New Haven, CT for the NH after they bought them and was still in black paint when it was there.
There were 12 units built and seemed like more when they got handed from VGN to NW, NH, PC, CR.
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I would like to take full credit for causing this model to be
produced. I'm sure it's a direct result of me acquiring an old Alco
Models E33, and having it repowered and custom painted. Good news!

Sorry Peter, but I dropped major cash on an Overland E33 in PC
paint plus did the Alco models thing last year...  I helped. :^)

I have been working on a pair of scratchbuilt E44 electrics for a few
years now... Maybe I should dust them off and start working on them.

An E44 in plastic???  It could happen.  There were only 10 E33 locos
built and we're getting those!


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