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PC: Catenary (was E33 from Bachmann)


NH370 -AT- aol.com wrote:


What I really want is for Bachmann to come out with a PRR
style catenary SYSTEM.  We have stuff to put under it now!
We've had GG1 locos for years, now we have Atlas AEM7 &
ALP44 locos, the Acela and soon the E33. Heck, if you go
back Bachmann even had the Metroliners. (Are those still in


This brings out a question:  Does anyone have experiences
with Model Memories
(http://www.info-4u.com/modelmemories/index.htm) catenary
system?  I would like to do something to use Bachmann
Metroliners and E60 (I don't think I can justify my X2000
to fit the Penn Central era).

When will someone come out with an E-44?



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