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Re: PC: E33 from Bachmann

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From: "Terry Link" <trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com>

>For those wanting to model an E33 in Penn Central - here's your 
>Walther's online catalogue is reporting that Bachmann Spectrum will 
>producing an E-33, which will be available in Virginian, N&W, NH, PC 
>Conrail.  Fall delivery - $130.
I would like to take full credit for causing this model to be 
produced. I'm sure it's a direct result of me acquiring an old Alco 
Models E33, and having it repowered and custom painted. Good news!

Of course, you should keep in mind that any Bachmann product that's 
less than 18 months late can be considered 'early'. ;-)

Peter King in NY   

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