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Re: PC: PC in the news...

Okay..  without even going into what Conrail did..  just to apply some
common sense to the whole thing (which I know can be difficult when it comes
to railroads as they often make decisions with little or no apparent
sense)...  if Conrail was in fact going broke, why would CSX and NS want to
take it over and assume the company's debts, etc.?  Seems like a sure-fire
way to lose money to me.  Maybe they could wait untill the company was in
chapter 11 and pick up the pieces after things collapse, but you will find
the reason CSX and NS wanted Conrail so bad that they went through this
whole split of the system is, Conrail makes money and it would add to their
bottom line.

I suppose if you want to blame anyone for the entire series of events it
would be the government (and the ICC) who established all the regulations
and refused to allow railroads to stop losses in the first place - it took
having to actually run a railroad for these people to get a clue and change
the rules.   Which for me is a more than successful debate against a big
government with it's hands in everything, but that's an argument for another
e-mail list -

Bill K.

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> CR was the Gov't and no way proved themselves. They threw employees out on
> the streets, forever destructed a system that would never return. They did
> nothing to better what was once PC. The chopped a 44,000 mile system to
> 11,000 miles. No wonder everyone said they were making money. They had
> lines and employees to pay. That is why they needed to be bailed out by NS
> and CSX otherwise they would have folded
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> > > Conjob was a descendant or corporate
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> > Shouldn't we be beyond using derogatory terms for Conrail?

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