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PC: Re: PC, Conrail and the Facts of Life

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> which they did. CR did nothing to improve the NJ-NY area service. They did
> not want the Poughkeepsie Bridge which PC maintained right to the last day
> which is a competitor to I-84.

PC closed Maybrook route to through traffic in 1973 or 1974 (I can't
remember exactly) as a result of the Poughkeepsie Bridge fire. The only
reason the route was still open at all was because of an ICC order forcing
PC to turn over a portion of the former NH traffic to EL. Even if short
hauling itself wasn't a factor, the Maybrook line was expensive to operate,
and the all-PC route through Selkirk fit in better with existing traffic
patterns (west via the NYC main or south via the River Division).

Tony Fleres

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