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PC: PC Land Settlement

>From the Weekly Rail Recap:

>(WED) A settlement was announced in favor of landowners whose property 
>adjoined abandoned rights-of-way of the former Penn Central Railroad.  The 
>landowners had earlier launched a class action lawsuit stemming from the 
>railroad's practice of selling or attempting to sell its abandoned 
>rights-of-way to adjoining property owners, arguing that the railroad's 
>control ended when it abandoned a line.  Under the terms of the settlement, 
>as many as 12,000 individuals may receive small parcels of land. (ffd: AP)


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>on Monday or Tuesday, to the rail and transit industries and those interested 
>in them.  Send an e-mail to djmservices -AT- aol.com to receive it, with my 

Not exciting, but PC doesn't make the news much anymore.


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