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PC: Atlas U Boats

Hi Gang,

I am in the process of performing "The Great U Boat Kitbash" (tm)
Several Atlas U23B & U33C will be swapping various parts to
become U33B & U23C locos...  I may add in some Athearn
parts to a couple more to try a few U28B/C & U30B/C as
time, funds and parts allow.

However, I need to see if anyone has had success stripping
the paint of of these locos.  In particular the hideous PC
paint job Atlas did on the U33C locos...  It amazes me to this
day how wrong they got that, then how right they managed to
get the U23B & GP38 locos...

Any help with stripping the lettering only, or all paint will be
greatly appreciated.

NH370 -AT- aol.com

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