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PC: Re: PC RS11 at Selkirk! (Well, sorta...)


7589 was never a PC unit under that number  but as PC 7664 (NH 1404). It was
originally of an NH series 1400-1414 that became PC 7660-7664. When CR came
PRSL also had the same amount of GP38's 2000-2014 and CR renumbered them in
the Ex-NH RS-11 slot of 7660-7664 on top of Ex-LV GP38AC 7556-7559 (LV
310-313) and renumbered the NH RS-11's back from 7585-7599 just before NYC
RS-11 7600-7607 (NYC 8000-8007).

Does IC still have six of the NH GP9's that MBTA traded to them for the
FP10's rebuilt from GMO F3's? Four are still on MNR as 410-413.


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Subject: PC: PC RS11 at Selkirk! (Well, sorta...)

> I was checking through the new listings on George Elwood's site tonight
> (where does he find the time to post all of this screamer stuff?), and
> across an entry marked "PC RS11 7589, Selkirk, NY 7-01". Realizing that
> date referred to a point in time about a month ago, I took a look:
> http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/pc/pc7589bsm.jpg
> Here's also a closeup of the cab:
> http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/pc/pc7589asm.jpg
> It's not exactly PC, but it is black and you can tell it was of PC
> This (AFAIK) is the ex-New Haven RS11 that was being shipped from a
> Martin-Marietta facility in Georgia to the Danbury Railway Museum. Anyone
> know if the loco made it to Danbury yet? (Too bad they couldn't keep it at
> Selkirk until the PCRRHS goes there next month for a convention tour!)
> -JWJ

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