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PC: PC RS11 at Selkirk! (Well, sorta...)

I was checking through the new listings on George Elwood's site tonight 
(where does he find the time to post all of this screamer stuff?), and came 
across an entry marked "PC RS11 7589, Selkirk, NY 7-01". Realizing that the 
date referred to a point in time about a month ago, I took a look:


Here's also a closeup of the cab:


It's not exactly PC, but it is black and you can tell it was of PC heritage.

This (AFAIK) is the ex-New Haven RS11 that was being shipped from a 
Martin-Marietta facility in Georgia to the Danbury Railway Museum. Anyone 
know if the loco made it to Danbury yet? (Too bad they couldn't keep it at 
Selkirk until the PCRRHS goes there next month for a convention tour!)


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