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Re: PC: PC MofW Question(s)

.....Unfortunately, the key that would allow me to cross reference the
codes with equipment descriptions was missing from the original
document. My question is, does anyone have, or know where I can obtain,
the key for the CR (and thus the PC) coding system?>>>

There is no rhyme or reason, just a carry-over from the original RR's.

Ballast cars are marked BAL then the location of rebuild. EL=Erie Lack.
EN=Enola, MK= Morrison Knudsen, CG= Corning?
CNJ 29 ballast regulator
Anything w/ WR seems wreck train.
I have 31188 as Boom flat (Strasburg)
45002 as coach
45200's as diesel wrecker's over 100 tons.
45503 Boom flat (RCT&HS collection)
45507 same
45509 same
45512,13 same (boom idler~LV)
45718 coach
45910 Hvwght sleepr
45911,12 coach
46216 gondola
46807 flat
47002 50' box
47108 flat
47160 box
47162,63 box (47163 resides in Quakertown, PA) 
50107 steam crane
60000 snow cars
80000 scale cars
90000 misc. work cranes under 100 tons
94100 pile driver 

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