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PC: PC MofW Question(s)


Recently, a list member was nice enough to send me a 1986 list of CR MofW equipment.  Naturally, the list is a computer printout with alpha-numeric codes substituted for specific equipment descriptions and equipment builders.  Unfortunately, the key that would allow me to cross reference the codes with equipment descriptions was missing from the original document.  My question is, does anyone have, or know where I can obtain, the key for the CR (and thus the PC) coding system?  

I have already surfed the web including Jerry's PC page, the CR Website, Fallen Flags plus several others to match photos of MofW equipment with the codes using the equipment number as the reference point.  I have also looked through various 'Color Guides' including CR, PC, PRR, NYC, and NH.  Although this led me to figure out several codes, I encountered several problems.

There are 177 codes (and approximately 13,000 pieces of equipment on the list) and I was able to figure out about 20 through pictures plus about 15 more through common sense i.e. san=sand service, tower=tower car, snowf=snow flanger etc,...  The rest are a bit more difficult, mainly because of the following problems.

First, it appears, although this may not be a fact, that Conrail kept the coding system of component roads intact rather than converting everything to the PC system.  For example, the remaining 250 ton cranes (all verified through photos) on the CR roster are coded as follows

CR 45002 (former EL-ERIE) is coded as a WCDOS
CR 45213 (former LV) is coded as a DERK
CR 45214 (former RDG) is coded as a CRD
CR 45215 (former PC-NYC) is coded as a CWS

This pattern seems to hold true for all types of equipment.

Second, the code system does not appear to be equipment specific, by that I mean that a particular code may describe a 40' boxcar on trucks and a 50' boxcar without trucks being used for storage.  There also appears to be no little or no distinction among old passenger equipment being used as sleeping quarters, instruction cars, tool cars, or wrecker support although I may be wrong.    

I understand this is a PC list, so please limit the discussion to assisting with locating the CR or PC "Rosetta stone."  However, any assistance (off list) with other railroads would be greatly appreciated.  I have not reached the point of contacting various historical societies for information.  I thought I would start here first.  

If anyone has an earlier MofW list from PC, CR or any component roads, or a copy of the "Rosetta stone" for the PC or any component roads of PC or CR, I would be very interested in acquiring it (for a fee of course). 

Please note that this is for my personal edification only.  I am by no means an expert and am learning the system as I go along.  I have a list of all the codes in MSWord for anyone who is interested in taking a crack at it.  Please contact me off list, and I will send it to you.  Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

Bob Holzweiss 


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